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April 10, 2020

Students in the United States need to pay attention to these details

May 3, 2019

Studying in the United States has become fashionable in recent years. The advanced educational resources of the United States have attracted a variety of international talents to pursue advanced studies. Not only American universities, but also American high schools (also known as 美国高中) have become a place that people compete for. Many parents send their children to American high schools to study for better development. But in the United States learning, also can not relax, need to pay attention to these situations.

Overseas students’ insurance (also known as 留学生保险) is the top priority. It is very expensive to see a doctor in the United States (also known as 美国看病), so overseas students’ insurance is indispensable. American universities will also force overseas students to buy medical insurance to avoid inevitable losses. Unlike back home, you can’t afford to call an ambulance in America, which is many times more expensive. Dental care in the United States (also known as 美国看牙) is also a big expense, if you have dental disease, it is best to buy the corresponding insurance.

After graduation, it’s not just a matter of doing an internship or finding a job in the United States. Companies in the United States use the proximity principle when hiring, believing that local colleges and students are better informed and generally do not post job postings elsewhere. So if you go to school in New York, you’d better do an internship in New York (also known as 纽约实习) or find a job in New York (also known as 纽约找工作). If you speak good English, you can find an American employer. In fact, in the United States the richest people are generally Chinese, because Chinese people save money, like to save money. Americans generally consume in advance and have little or no savings. If English is not good, you can find many Chinese employers. If you go to a small city, you will have few opportunities except to work for a Chinese restaurant owner.

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